Homestead Education

With more and more ways large corporations are cutting corners and adding unknow chemicals to our livestock or food, it know wonder more and more people are getting sick.

Big or small we can Homestead ALL!

Who Can Help?

Come visit our farm and learn how to start your own independence! The Main benefit to homesteading is YOUR HEALTH! With more and more ways large corporations are cutting corners and adding unknow chemicals to our livestock or food, it know wonder more and more people are getting sick. Protect your family and gain your independent by starting your own homestead. Once you have your set-up in place your daily workload can be 15mins-2hrs of your time. 15mins can CHANGE the health of your family!!From Omega-3’s in Duck eggs and Chemical free Chicken meat, to Beautiful growing gardens!

Getting started may seem a bit overwhelming. But Don’t you worry. We can show you how to get started, lay out goals and expectations, and point you in direction of how build your homestead.

What do I need?

Depending on the size of your family, the size space you have, what you priorities are, and end goal in your current location. Each type of animal takes a certain amount of time and energy. You need to know how much time and energy you want to give EVERYDAY to keep a healthy Homestead. Each animal needs a safe place to sleep and stay out of the weather. Figuring out what you should build for shelters and where is particularly important. The right setup can make you work less, get the most out of your livestock, and keep unforeseen problems to a min. the basic needs for your livestock is:

  • Shelter
  • Fresh water
  • Access to food
  • Safe Paddocks

Start Your Own Farm

Site-visit depends on location. 1hr Consults are available at the farm or online.

At location or online: $75 your 1st hr, $30 every 30 mins after.

  • This includes Design ideas and drawings with measurements
  • Links to “Build your own …”
  • Farming Layout
  • A pros and cons list
  • Suggested breeds and # of animals
  • How to Homestead on a budget
  • How market your Homestead to cover cost

How much should I start with?

Sometimes, Less it more. Its best to start with the min needed to experience the workload and benefit. We have a recommend Family list on our FARM STAND link!

I live in the suburbs/city what can I do?
There are countless ways you can have your own little Homestead set up. We call it Mico-Homesteading. Taking what you have available and using it to benefit the health of your family!

What can I use for martials?

You can Build your own shelters and coops using martials you already have or buy your own lumber and build your own! For easy and time there a plenty of premade coops and shelters available on the market. The key is getting the most out of all your space. Build Smarter, not Harder. We can do on-site visits or a Zoom call to help you get the most out of your area.

What about Guard Animals? Hawks, Lion, and Bears, OH MY!!

Guardian Livestock Animals come in different sizes and shapes. From mouse control to large predators! Know how to protect your live stock is key to keeping them alive. There is a large range of animals that can protect you live stock, with minal payment (Mostly free food and some love). We can walk you through what animals to get, how many, and what works best for your Homestead.

What If my animals get Sick or Injured?

Knowing your local Veterinarian is important. Ask if they have farm calls and treat poultry. Knowing when your animal is sick is also important. We can help you notice since signs and signals that your animal is sick. Basic 1st aid is also a vital skill. Knowing how to treat and handle your animal can not only save your livestock but maybe even save you some $$. Natural remedies and essential Oils are my secret weapon in keeping healthy happy animals. Including Horses!!